Social Media Tips for a New Blogger

Whether you are brand new at blogging or you just want to ramp up your social media presence, the tips I am about to share are tried and true, and if you implement them you will definitely see growth! The best kind of growth is slow and steady, so try not to be impatient while you’re working on it. It takes time to grow channels! Anyway, let’s dive in…
  • Your blog should have it’s own social media channels. Don’t rely on your personal accounts to promote your blog. Your friends and family aren’t necessarily interested in all of the things you will be sharing on your blog, and it limits your audience a lot to use your personal accounts.
  • What you share should reflect your brand. If you are a food blogger, your social media feeds should be mostly made up of food. People will follow you because they are interested in the new recipes and mouthwatering food photography that you share. If you treat your blog accounts like a personal ones, posting snapshots of your cute kids and a little bit of food in between, this will hinder your growth. Does this mean you can never share a peronal photo? Absolutely not, but it should be the exception and not the rule.
  • Consistency is good. Use the same handle or username wherever possible. For instance, if your blog is called Cake Fanatic, you should try to get @cakefanatic for your social usernames! If you can’t, get as close to it as possible – @cake_fanatic or @thecakefanatic – you get the idea.
  • Make your social channels work for you! Add your website URL to your profile. Tell people where they can find you. Add links to tweets and Facebook posts. Make it easy for readers to get to your blog!
  • Join sharing groups. One of the best ways to get your blog posts shared by other bloggers is to join sharing groups. There are Facebook share groups, Instagram comment groups, Pinterest groups, and so on. If you can’t find one to join, start your own and invite other bloggers who are similar to your following size and niche!
Some of the best tools to help your social media work for you: You guys, this tool is amazing. Instagram doesn’t allow clickable links within posts, so you only have the one link in your profile to work with. Switching that every time is hard, and it limits where you can direct people to. Link in Profile has changed all this! All you do is sign up for their service and use the link they provide – ours looks like this: – then, whenever you add a link to an instagram caption, that photo will appear on your linkinprofile page and people can click to go to that post, or scroll through your feed there and click on other posts! This tool has created way more traffic to our blog from instagram than we had before. Sometimes you will need to shorten links. Especially for twitter, because of their 140-character limit per tweet, but it’s also good to shorten links on other social posts or even in your blog posts sometimes. doesn’t just shorten links but it allows you to track how many clicks it is getting! These are like GOLD. Saving so much time and I'm growing my blog fast!

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