Are You Making Ad Revenue on your Site? You Should Be!

Hey guys! Jessica from BLOGABILITY here! The most frequently asked question we get from beginning bloggers is absolutely, “how can I make money blogging?” Well, today we decided to have our Ad Partner MONUMETRIC come talk to you guys about how ad monetization works, and why it is so awesome! Monumetric has been managing our ads over on Pretty Providence for almost two years now and we couldn’t be happier with their team, customer service and of course monetization results. Without further ado… meet MONUMETRIC! Screen Shot 2016-11-17 at 10.10.47 AM Screen Shot 2016-11-17 at 10.10.56 AMAvid bloggers know that behind each perfect picture of casserole and snap of the cutest mess free Halloween craft lies hours and hours of hard work. What you do is no walk in the park. You continue to write, shoot, and share because you love what you do and want to share your passions with the world. They say “hard work pays off” right? But are you getting what you deserve for all you do? Many bloggers don’t realize how much they could be making for what they are already doing. They fear not having time, means, or simply not knowing where to start. Thankfully there is a team that can help and they know exactly what your site needs to be profitable. We believe in enabling you to do what you love by helping you have the means to do so. By optimizing your ads, you can create added revenue on your site. PREPARING YOUR SITE Before you start making money with ads, there are a few things you need to make sure your site is in tip-top shape before you can start optimization. LAYOUT Your site should be a WordPress, blogger, or website.m The sidebar dimensions should  be 300 PX wide Prepare your site for a Minimum of 5 Ad Slots on both Desktop and Mobile Screen Shot 2016-11-17 at 10.11.08 AMTRAFFIC Before you can make money off of people seeing your ads, you have to get people seeing your posts. There are many ways to boost your following from social media, guest posts, and posting the right amount of content. The more traffic, the more valuable your ads are and the more you get paid. You must remember that advertisers don’t see all traffic as equal. Certain companies are more inclined to advertise on certain sites. Shopping, finance, or car sites get paid more for ads than lifestyle or specific niche sites. Your viewers demographic and location also matters as well. Certain areas get more attention than others. Here at Monumetric we like to start monetizing at 10K+ Pageviews Per Month to be able to fully optimize your site (click here if you are above the 10K threshold and want to start monetizing now)!  CONTENT Advertisers want to pay to advertise on sites that have rich content which drives a rich following. You’ve got to keep your content game strong to keep up your page views and impressions. HOW IT WORKS As a publisher, you’re selling the right to advertise on your page. Compare this to a billboard. The advertiser puts the image on the billboard, but someone else owns the billboard and the land the billboard is on. Screen Shot 2016-11-17 at 10.11.21 AM As a website owner, you are the billboard owner. You’re selling space on your website just like you would sell the space on a billboard. This is why you, the website owner, get a portion of the advertising revenue when you allow ads on your site. On a typical webpage you have a title, content, and pictures. You also have ads. These are often found in the sidebar or at the end of the content. When you see an ad on the website, you’re usually looking at some kind of image. Maybe it’s an image of a product or a graphic that mentions a big sale.   Every time you go to a web page, you create digital locations where an ad can appear. These locations are called digital inventory or impressions. An impression is a unique opportunity to sell an advertising space on a website. Since you clicked on the page, there is an opportunity for the advertiser to show you something you may want to buy. Now, advertisers want to show more than one ad to one person. Obviously, there are a LOT of people looking at a LOT of websites every month. Advertisers want to know that they are reaching the right people on the right sites. Because there are so many advertisers and so much digital real estate, the world of online advertising is highly technical and has become very automated. It’s all about matching up the right supply with the right demand in the most efficient way possible.

Step 1) Advertisers Gather Information

When you arrive on a website, believe it or not, you’re bringing a lot of information with you. From your IP address, advertisers can know where you are geographical. Cookies store a lot of information about you. Cookies are small data files stored on your computer that allow websites to identify you and show you a customized web page. When you visit a website, a cookie comes from the site and attaches itself to your browser. Anytime you open a new page online; you can now see an ad tailored to you based on the information in that cookie.

Step 2) Ad Placement Are Built Ads will usually appear in the same place on a webpage. Every time you load the page you may see a different creative, but all the ads will appear in the same spot. This is because a little bit of code is placed on the website to designate a place for the ad. When choosing where to place your Ads remember Advertisers only want to fill ads that are placed where there are eyeballs on the page, i.e. when a reader loads the webpage. Step 3) Ad Calls Are Made To Ad Servers Once the webpage is equipped with ad tags and ad calls, the page is ready to show visitors an ad. Online advertising is all about using the data from your IP address, browser, and cookies to show an ad tailored to you. When you click on a webpage and it starts to load, that generates an impression; then advertisers are allowed to see your information in the ad server and decide whether or not they want to advertise to you. If your information shows that you are the type of person that would buy their product, the advertiser will bid on your impression. If the bid wins, the ad server will take the creative and display it to you on the webpage you loaded. The most incredible thing is that all of this is happening in real time. Sending out your information to the ad server, advertisers viewing that information and bidding on your impression, and then loading the ad – it all takes place in milliseconds. The process is automated, so it all happens very quickly. Can you believe all of this is happening during the time it takes for you to load a single web page?   YOU DON’T HAVE TO DO IT ALONE There sure is a lot to know about the ad world. Thankfully you don’t have to know it all because we do. We want to help manage your Ads so you can continue to create and share what you love. We’ve been monetizing traffic since traffic was a “thing” because that’s how we contribute to a sustainable internet. Monetizing through advertising is complex because so many factors determine the performance of any ad. Whatever type of blog you have, if you have traffic, we can monetize it. With us, you call the shots; we customize your Ad strategy for YOU based on YOUR content and YOUR viewers. Honestly, we’re just a bunch of nerds who get excited about numbers and l providing you a way to do what you do. If you want more info, check out our about us video here, or to see what your site could be making today click here! Or click here for testimonials from happy customers! We hope you’ll join the MONUMETRIC team soon! Click here to apply today!  

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