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How to Organize a Giveaway

Hey friends! One fun part of blogging is collaborating with other bloggers to offer awesome giveaways to your readers! Everyone loves winning a prize, right? So, why not create large giveaways that can seriously make someones day/month/year! We’ve had so much fun the past 2.5 years putting together amazing giveaways like big gift cards, Target gift cards, HUGE Southern California Vacation packages, Room Makeover packages, cameras and more!

But, what other benefits can giveaways have to us as bloggers, aside from just being a fun way to show some love to our readers? There are quite a few. But, let’s back up a bit!

A few years ago Jessica and I (Pam) were talking about how we could network and collaborate with blogs that were bigger then us. Not only did we know we could learn a lot by getting to know more experienced bloggers, but it would also introduce their audiences to our blogs. Which in turn, would help grow our pageviews! And in blogging, pageviews = ad revenue!

But, we knew we would need to have something to offer them in return for collaborating with us! Our value to them was obviously not equal to their value to us! So, we decided to start organizing giveaways! We essentially would do all the work and they would just get participate in it.

What’s the benefit of a giveaway to a blogger?

It is a quick way to grow your social media numbers! Social media numbers are important for two reasons. Those numbers can translate to pageviews and again pageviews equal ad revenue. Also, pageviews will be one factor in your determining your value to brands. Also, social media really is the #1 way of reaching people. So, social media numbers are another important factor when it comes time to work with brands! You want to make sure you are growing social media channels that you are active on. That means you are interacting with your readers and updating on a regular basis with good quality content!

What goes into organizing a giveaway?

*Note* PLEASE check up the rules for offering a giveaway in your State/Country before doing it. The rules are different everywhere and there may be limitations for what you can offer, how you offer it, and what people are able to do to enter.
  1. Create a list of bloggers that you’d like to work with . In the beginning we found bloggers that were our size or bigger in social media numbers. Collect their emails addresses. Keep in mind, that the worst case scenario is that they’ll email back that they are not interested in participating. So, don’t be afraid to email blogs that are quite a bit bigger!
  2. Decide on a prize and how many people you want to participate! Some popular ideas that I see around frequently are: Gift Cards, cameras, computers, paypal cash, swing sets, outdoor pools!
  3. Draft up an email. Here’s an example of the email that we just sent out for new giveaway:        “Hey friends!! Can you believe Summer is about over? With that being said, we thought it would be fun to hold a BACK TO SCHOOL GIVEAWAY!
    If you’ve never done a giveaway with us, then let me give you a quick background on it. We’ve been organizing these group giveaways for 2.5 years now. We’ve experimented and tried lots of different kinds and we’ve had huge success with these giveaways and they for sure help our social media numbers grow, as well as keep our readers happy!
    So, for the BACK TO SCHOOL GIVEAWAY we’ve decided to help everyone with their back to school shopping and do a $650 Paypal Cash Giveaway!
    The giveaway will go live on Tuesday, July 19th and be a $650 Paypal Cash Giveaway! There will be 13 spots – each person contributing $50 and each person will get 2 entries on the Rafflecopter! If you participate you will be required to share the giveaway on all social media, including Instagram. So, please don’t sign up if you aren’t willing to do that!
    If you’re interested, sign up HERE (insert link)! If this giveaway timeframe doesn’t work for you, but you’d be interested in participating in one later this year then let us know!
    Thanks so much for your time ladies! Love you all!! xoxo!”
    Super simple, right? People like REALNESS! So, you don’t need to sound overly professional. In the beginning we even said straight out that we are trying to GROW and EXPAND our audiences and would love some help! Bloggers love helping bloggers (for the most part)! We would not be where we are if it weren’t for some amazing ladies that helped us! That is also the exact reason that we wanted to start BLOGABILITY! It’s all about paying it forward and sharing our knowledge!
  4.  Create a signup form. We have always used Google Docs. That way you can just paste the link for the signup doc right into the email! Then if the bloggers want to participate, they just click through the link and sign up on the Google Doc. You need/want to gather the following information: Name, Blog Name, Email address, Entries into a giveaway (more info to come). Click here to view a blank google doc with the template that I use.
  5.  Send the email!!
  6. You’ll then need to create the post, so you can email everyone participating the HTML to post on their own websites. Make sure you have a well designed image that people will not only be able to use in the post, but that they can also post to their social media!
  7. When creating a giveaway, you need a way to have the readers enter the giveaway. My favorite tool for this is Rafflecopter. There are others, but I’ve found Rafflecopter to be the most reliable and user friendly! It allows you to put in everyones entry choices and select giveaway dates/times. Once everything is entered then it will create a Widget for you. You paste that widget’s HTML into your Giveaway post HTML. Once the giveaway is live, the widget will load within everyones post!
  8. PROMOTE the giveaway! Everyone involved in the giveaway should promote the giveaway the first day it goes live. You’ll see the best response within the first day of the giveaway! I also then encourage them to promote it at least one more time, closer to the end of the giveaway! Although you can promote it daily, I’ve found that my readers get sick of seeing it. You don’t want to annoy your readers and make them want to unfollow you. So, be careful with over promoting it!
  9. Once the giveaway is over, then within you’ll be able to select a winner. Verify that the winner did what they said they did. If they did not, select a new winner. Once you find a winner, then email them letting them know they won and collect whatever info you may need from them. For example, their mailing address, email address and phone number. I generally give the winner 48 hours to respond to my email and claim their prize. Make sure to let them know that they must respond within 48 hours or that a new winner will be selected!
  10. Deliver the prize!
And there it is! As you can see organizing a giveaway can be some work! But, that is why we knew that more successful blogs would want to participate! We do all the work, just for them to participate and help introduce their audience to us!

AND GOOD NEWS FRIENDS! Tomorrow, here on Blogability, we’re going to be offering our first giveaway! How does $650 Paypal Cash sound? Stay tuned and be ready to enter!

How to Organize a Giveaway and what are the benefits to a blogger! | From

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