How to Choose the Perfect Blog Name

The very first step to starting a blog or business is to choose a name. To some people this might seem like a simple task, to others it’s so hard that it might keep you from starting. Either way, there are a lot of things to think about when choosing that perfect blog name, so let’s dive in. You will want to choose a blog name that is personal, unique and that says something about your brand. (A good example: See Kate Sew – you already know that this blog is about sewing!) You don’t have to include obvious words as to what your blog is about, but it should make sense and be easy to remember. Make it something you will be happy with for a long time.
Think about the long-haul. You may want to stay away from things that may not be relevant or could change a few years down the line. Current pop culture references, your first baby’s name or the number of people in your family, etc.
Make sure your name isn’t already in use. You also don’t want to choose something and then find out it’s already taken, or that is too similar to another blogger or brand. You can check if domain names are available with this tool:

Think about social media. It is ideal if you can use the same social media handle across all channels. Unfortunately these days there are a lot of domain names and social media handles that are taken, but just sitting dormant. When this happens, most channels like Instagram and Twitter won’t do much to help you. You can try messaging the owner directly and asking if they will let you have it. If not, you may have to just find something else. For Blogability, our ideal twitter handle was already taken so we added an underscore to make it @blog_ability.
  • You can read about Twitter’s inactive account policy here.
  • You can read about Instagram’s inactive account policy here.

Try it out.  When you think you’re onto something, write it down, try it with an email address, type it in to your browser, and even throw it out to a few close friends or family members to see what they think. With that last step though, if you really love something, your opinion is more important than theirs.
Okay, I think I’ve covered it. Now go out and choose a name so you can get started!
How to Choose the perfect blog name that will grab attention & you will be happy with for a long time!

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